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Have you ever wondered what a text comparison tool is? If not, no issues! Here’s your guide to learning some new stuff. So, get going and compare text online!

If you are working on an article and send it to your editing team for edits, your writing will no longer be the same as before. It will be altered into a new version! But you can point out the changes without wasting your time by simply using a text comparison tool.

You may even compare your original writing with your academic book from where you have taken your idea. This is one of the steps to producing unique content. Usually, in such tools, you will find two options for pasting the data.

 One may be called "original text", while the other may be called a "changed text". To find the additions and differences, you must paste the original content under the "original text" and the edited content under the "changed text". This saves a considerable amount of your time. You no longer need to spot the changes manually when you start using these tools. Compare two texts online to get the required results!

A plagiarism tool spots plagiarized content in an article, highlights the plagiarized texts, and takes you to the sources. This increases the originality of your content. This is one of the most essential tips you must remember while studying or knowing about search engine optimization. Text comparison tools may also work like plagiarism tools.

You need a text comparator to detect if your ideas are identical to the other text. This helps you to edit youthoughtsas and think about an out-of-the-box idea! Now, aren't these tools helpful?

If your edited/changed content is identical to the original content, this tool will show "identical" in the result section. This helps you make further changes without wasting time reading the entire article the second time! This is a little step that you may add up to your proofreading process.

Why Do You Need a Text

 Comparison Tool?

If you are a writer, you need to edit your work frequently. Now, you do not want all the edited files to take up your precious computer space. So, just do it for once and get it done and dusted!

The text comparison tool helps you with this process. You can simply spot the differences and similarities between your files by copy-pasting or inserting your write-up in the two boxes provided for all the text comparison tools! This makes work so much easier. You can compare text files at your convenience!

So, why wait? Let us get to know the 15 best text comparison tools. So, I can assure you that by the time you reach the end of this article, you ought to learn something productive!


Text compare by Commontools.org

This text compare tool created by Commontools is uniquely designed and is highly helpful. This is a free text comparator. This is suitable for comparing plain texts from images, word documents, and PDFs.

All text comparison tools provide two blank boxes for inserting original and edited text. Here too, you will get such an option where you can compare texts. This tool will show the similarities and differences that will be present in your edited file. So, compare two files in notepad or wherever you like. The application is available on all devices!

 But you need to note that the tool will not support all sorts of files and documents. It is selective in some instances. So, look out for that. Otherwise, for regular word docs and PDFs, you are acceptable to go!

This tool works fine on devices such as Linux, Windows, and Mac operating soft wares and systems.

2. Meld: A Worth-Trying Text Compare Tool

Do not fret because this is a free text comparison tool as well! This has additional features too. It is much more advanced in its working than the previous text comparison tool. This Meld comparison tool by Meld allows you to compare text files online with ease. You can compare directories and folders. This extends its area of work and makes it pretty unique! But wait, this is not the end of the unique features of meld.

File comparison in this text compare tool takes part in different parts. The tool highlights coloured blocks. These blocks represent the options for editing your file. Some of these options delete, change, insert, and conflicts. This tool also comes with an option for syntax highlight. You can click on the arrows at the side of these coloured boxes to make the necessary changes. 

Compare two documents for similarities. The differences are highlighted with colours which make changes easier to spot and make your edits without wasting minimal time! Here, you also have the option of saving your edited files. You can easily do this by clicking on the file icon, which is available by the side of each file name.

So, do not hesitate to make use of this tool. Click on the provided link without any further delay.

3.     Looking for an Easy to Use and Reliable Text Compare Tool? Try Exam Diff

If you want to check the similarity between two documents with Exa Diff. This is a free text comparison tool as well. This is not only easy to use but also has a lot of additional features in it. These features make the device so popular among users who have been reaping its benefits for a long time!

Like “Text compare by Commontools.org” and “Meld”, this tool by “Exam Diff" is also great for marking differences in your files. This makes it easier to detect the similarities and differences in the files. Easy search and navigation, drag, and support systems are some unique features that need a mention.

You can also save your edited file and use it for comparison in the future. So, be tension free and explore the tool without further delay.

4.     TK Diff

Looking for an uncomplicated text comparison tool? Tey text-to-text comparison with TK Diff falls among the best text comparison tools. So, do not miss it. Like other text comparison tools, this also shows the differences between the side of original and edited text by the side.

Diff text compare is suitable for professionals as well as unprofessional folk. So, newbies, do take a look at it. The tool also provides an option for file selection. Here, you can directly insert your files for comparison.

Some notable features include i) diff bookmarks, ii) a graphical map pointing differences for a quick view of the difference in your files iii) a unique feature for cutting different regions to get the merge output you want. iv) Not to forget, it even provides you with comparisons for directories!

You can easily view the differences that are highlighted with blue colours. So, don’t waste a moment and get started!

5.     WinMerge

Good news! This tool is also free to use. This assists you in comparing your documents or files pretty quickly. Compare paragraphs without any worry on any device with this tool!

Some features of WinMerge are worth the notice. The tool supports Unicode, comes with a tabbed interface, and is suitable for Mac, Windows, and Unix document formats. In this text comparator, you also have the option of picture comparison over here.

 Along with all these perks, version control and shell comparison are not forgotten!

So, hurry and get started with a simple click on the link.

6.     Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Regarding the best text comparison tools, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is unmissable. This is one of the bests. The tool helps you to compare two or more versions of your document or file! You may sign in to this app to access the tool's basic features.

 You can compare text online free with this. But for the premium features, the app sets a fixed amount. If you want a free tool, this may not be your best option. But otherwise, it's top-notch.

Using this tool, you can easily compare the side of your files. Thdeviceol also comes with different filters. So use your favourite one while editing your document and spotting the differences.

The app/tool also comes with other features not available in the previous ones. Conversion of files and text recognition are two such extra features.

7.     SmartSynchronize

This is yet another online comparator text tool that would not disappoint. This helps you to open your documents in comparison mode side by side. The differences are projected in a split view so that you can quickly move and merge your texts and spot the differences.

There’s take Right or Left options too. This helps you to transport your text in either of the directions. This makes inserting texts between lines easier. You also get the “HTML” option here. So, go ahead if you feel like exporting your file in HTML!

8.     Litera Compare

A tool that spots the difference between files in seconds? Try Litera Compare. It works fine with all versions of Office and Windows. So, no worries about that!

Litera Compare Server is a unique feature of the online text difference checker.

You can use the tool on any of your devices using this server. It makes work very easy, and you don't have to wait until you reach your laptop at home or your workplace!

Some of the tool's best features are i) redline versions, ii) running comparisons between your documents and PDF iii) individual or group rejection or addition of texts.

This tool is accessible even without installing any software. So, go ahead and reap its benefits. So, compare two text files in notepad ++. 

9. KDiff3

This is another reliable side-by-side text comparison tool. Here you can easily compare your directories or files by viewing them side by side.

The tool also comes with a merge option and a native editor. The native editor helps to solve any conflicts with merging texts.

The tool provides extra features like tabulator characters, line numbers, and white spaces.

10. Diff Doc

Want to explore some other text comparison tools? Get Diff Doc on your wish list. You may view the differences in your files with the help of the Side by Side or One view method.

So, insert or copy-paste your original file and the edited file and refresh to get started with the comparison! 

11. Diffuse

Okay. So, this is a free text comparison tool. This works just fine with the operating systems of Linux and Windows! So, it's budget-friendly as well.

This is a Python-based software that helps you to parallel compare two files more easily. The tool comes with an option for line matching. You can manually amend and edit your documents immediately.

Diffuse is affordable for Code reviewers. This helps them with keyboard shortcuts and makes navigating more accessible!

     12. Diff checker

This is a straightforward and easy-to-use text comparison tool. Having this in your stock is mandatory if you are a writer or a student.

You can simply copy-paste your original and changed text on the two boxes of the tool to get the desired results. This side-by-side text comparison tool has side-by-side panels to highlight the differences between the original and altered texts.

You may save and share the changes with your team or friends on social media. The Diff checker tool works fine in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. So, hurry and get started with this fantastic tool for free!

     13. TextCompare

TextCompare comes with all the essential features of a text comparison tool. You can simply paste text from Word or PDF files to detect differences. It also compares plain text that you may copy-paste directly from the internet.

The tool's unique features are word wrapping, theme support, and formatting for different programming languages.

This text comparator does not need any prior installation. You can easily access it from your browser.

Mac, Windows, and Linux support this tool well. So, get your editing started without delay!

14. Beyond Compare

Do not forget if you have experimented with the above text comparison tools. This is an excellent tool for comparing folders and files. A perk you’ll get here is that it saves your changes as you edit, and you’ll not have to save the file from time to time!

Beyond Compare comes with both the pro and standard versions. So, use whichever is suitable for you. The pro features are shown with a green icon.

You'll be able to use this tool in editing software like Linux, Mac, and Windows. Linux compare two text files with ease with the help of this tool!

     15. DiffNow

Yet another good tool for comparing texts. DiffNow is a helpful tool if you require to check your files quickly. You can compare your files by entering a URL, inserting the file, or manually typing your texts. So, compare text of two documents with ease with the help of DiffNow.

It supports a lot of different file formats. Some are directories, archives, binary, source code, and text files.

The tool offers annual and monthly membership. This membership provides pro features like multiple option profiles, plugins, and ignore options.

A Brief Wrap Up

Now that you know about the 15 best test comparison tools, it’ll be super easy to edit your files the way you like! Try out the free text comparison tools if you are an absolute beginner. Otherwise, reap the benefits of the premium membership the other tools offer. All these tools will provide you with the best possible results. So, try out your best text comparison tool download without waiting!

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